Sindi & Batterjee

Is a member of the (Kreston International) network, which has
been operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1983,
and has offices in Jeddah, Dammam and Khobar, Riyadh,
Makkah Al Mukarramah, Madinah, Khamis Mushayt, Taif and
Jizan. Sindi & Batterjee is one of the fastest growing
professional companies in the field of audit and consulting
services in the Kingdom Saudi Ariba . We have a group of
accredited arbitrators at the Saudi Ministry of Justice, and
members in the Commercial Arbitration Center for the Gulf
Cooperation Council countries, and we are chosen by the
courts regularly as an independent body as an expert or
investigator, and through our network of extensive expertise,
we can provide you with a legal advisory to represent you

In Commitment

to raise The level of services provided to our clients and to be
able to communicate directly with a world-class technical
expertise and keep up with the latest processes followed by
pioneering international audit and consulting institutions, we
have established a direct association with (Kreston
International – Britain).
Sindi & Batterjee achieved a remarkable record of success
witnessed by its clients, which includes pioneering agencies,
and leading partnerships in the fields of banking, industrial
sector, insurance, retailing, contracting, service sector, and
medical sector, and we’re dedicated to devote all our efforts
to provide a high quality service to satisfy our clients

Kreston International

Is a global network consisting of a huge group of accounting and
audit firms, founded in 1971, providing its services through
member companies located all over the world, Kreston
International is ranked among top 13 accounting and auditing
companies globally. Kreston International operates in 100
countries and have 700 offices, with a total number of
accountants and auditors reaches 23,000 professionals, and
these companies united to be the (Kreston International)
network to be able to practice the profession on a global scale in
accordance with accepted policies & procedures.
Our membership in Kreston International aims to provide our
services in accordance with international standards and in
accordance with the latest methods and procedures applied
around the globe.

we provide the most premium business services in Saudi Arabia