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Audit and Assurance

We have developed a client-specific audit methodology that works on spotting the main audit risks related to the size and nature of  your own business.

Internal Control Assessment

We Audit customer’s accounting books to detect any traces of a criminal act that the client’s employees have committed on the customer’s account or on the account of external parties.

Tax and Zakat

Both zakat and taxation play an important role especially towards the development of socioeconomic system.
Zakat and taxation Process need to be comprehensively understood with their various laws and rules to protect your company from unexpected issues.

Training & career development

Our career development service aspires to train managers how to link company’s ambitions to employees established goals and Support employees career development. on the other side


It is important to involve the right advisor to provide you with honest assistance during difficult times to cross this stage safely. We are this honest advisor.

Merge and Acquisition

This complex process requires a significant amount of a company’s time and resources to execute successfully.
Our priority is to achieve smooth mergers and acquisitions that match the goals and requirements of the deal.

Mediation and Commercial Law

Knowledge of regulations is not sufficient to be safe from the harm of litigation.

Consulting Services

Our business consultants provide you with a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial management, human resources, operations, sustainability strategies and technical consulting.

Inheritance Liquidation

The development of life and the large number of people’s concerns contributed to the difficulty of distributing the estate with the ease and ease that was customary in the past.

Judicial guardianship

To preserve and manage money when conflicts between partners or stakeholders through a court guard by order.


Companies liquidation services, which are the set of procedures and operations from the accounting aspects that aim to end the business of stakeholders.

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